London: Old and New

We lived near London for three years a very long time ago (think “the nineties”) and we haven’t really been back since, so a lot has changed. But even then, the London Underground map was iconic. It has only grown.

Holy Moly

One of our enduring memories is how wonderful spring was in England, with flowers from February till May. Although it’s late in the season here, when we left home last week, the tulips were just about to bloom and the leaves were just beginning to come out. But in London…

And of course, St. Paul’s Cathedral is still here. We didn’t go inside today – though we have been up in the dome in the past – but we did have a lovely lunch with a perfect seat to look at St. Paul’s and to watch the people on the street.

And of course, Tower Bridge…

But there are also a lot of new buildings since the last time we were here. The Gherkin, the London Eye, and something that looks like it should be in Shanghai.

One of the many things that fascinate me is watching professional photographers at work … and taking pictures of them, taking pictures of their models. As I was crossing the Millennium Bridge I spotted this scene. I assume they had carefully selected the angle to provide the perfect backdrop for the photograph, but I was more interest in this perspective. But of course, I’m not getting paid.

And finally, I’ll leave you with a little story about my visits to the British Museum a very long time ago. The Rosetta Stone has been in the British Museum since the defeat of Napoleon. When we visited in the 90’s the Rosetta Stone was an important exhibit, but it was openly displayed, without a protective covering or even a sign saying “do not touch”. On my first visit I gently touched the edge (not where there is any writing, just to be clear) and no one said anything. A year later when I visited with my son, I told him to touch it, which he did with some hesitation. This time the security guard said “don’t touch”. (There still wasn’t a sign.) The next time we visited there was a rope around the stone, a plexiglass shield over the writing, and a “do not touch sign”. (I really can’t believe we were personally responsible for this, but who knows.) Anyway, when I visited the British Museum today, this is what I saw.

Oh my…

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