We took the train to Belfast late yesterday, and checked into our hotel before having a light meal and retiring early.  We’ve been traveling for over a week now, so today we decided it was time for a quiet day.  We had a late start and then wandered around the center of the city without any particular objectives. The architecture is very different than Dublin.





Although buildings are generally in great shape, there are a few that are showing signs of wear.


And there are one or two that are seriously the worse for wear.  This building was in the middle of the shopping district, and at ground level it didn’t look that bad, but when you looked up, it almost reminded me of Panama.


In our wanderings, we came across the Botanic Gardens, with an interesting sculpture near the entrance.


The flowers in the gardens were great.




And then we mad our way along the river back to our hotel. Looking across the river we could see abandoned industrial buildings with rolling hills in the background.


Tomorrow we’re off to the Giant’s Causeway.

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  1. cindy knoke says:

    Beautiful & I love Belfast!

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