Homeward Bound

We are flying home today. When we step out of the airport at the end of the day, we will be greeted by -24 C weather (11 below zero, Fahrenheit) .  With that thought in mind, I will limit myself to a short post today.

We stayed at the Central Hotel, pretty much in the center of San Felipe, the old part of Panama City. But the hotel is also on Avenue Central.  It was build in the 1880’s so I suspect the avenue is the reason for the name.  The hotel sits on the Plaza de la Independencia, so it is nice and open. Here is a view of the hotel and the plaza.


The Cathedral of Panama City is on the other side of the plaza.


And as I head back to the land of ice and snow, I will leave you with another picture of the local vegetation. This isn’t an abandoned building – it is well maintained, and on a busy street – and yet it has already sprouted a tree growing out of the side of the building…


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