There are two things I know about this blog. One, I have not been very active of late. Two, this is not a food and wine blog. And three, no one likes a show-off. So of course, I’m going to try to post frequently over the next week, about wine & food, and brag just a little.

Today was my birthday, so when the last conference call was done, I opened a vintage ale – not my oldest by far, but still lovely.


This was followed by a lovely pancetta, mushroom, and asparagus risotto, compliments of my dear wife.


With a lovely Amarone that has been lurking in my cellar for the better part of two decades.


I’m headed off for a weekend with all of my siblings – the first time in nearly a decade that all five of us have been together. And I cannot remember the last occasion we were all together that didn’t involve a wedding or a funeral…

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