Park Guell


Some people approach travel like a to-do list, working hard to cross as many locations as possible off their list.

We take a different approach. It’s fun to pretend, however briefly, that we live in a city. Try to experience daily life and maybe get a flavour of a neighbourhood. Of course we see many well known sights along the way, but it isn’t the only objective. I realize this is actually a luxury. We aren’t trying to see everything Barcelona has to offer because we are confident we will return.

Today we visited another famous Gaudi work – Park Guell. We started with a ride on the #24 bus, which turned out to be an adventure in itself. The bus was packed and our newly purchased T-10 pass wouldn’t work. We can get by in French but not in Spanish. Fortunately, thanks to the friendly locals and helpful bus driver, we had a replacement card within minutes and we were on our way. I love Barcelona.

Park Guell is another site that you cannot possibly do justice to with pictures – but I’ll try anyway. We approached from the side gate, and the first thing we saw was the aqueduct. It was clearly reminiscent of classical structures, but the rough stone work gave it a very different feel.


Another example of the contrasting styles was the pillars set on an angle, and with the stones creating an upward spiral.


Gaudi’s influence is apparent everywhere, but at the front entrance it is unmistakable.


The detail on the roofs is amazing.


The brightly decorated benches around the nature square offer the opportunity to relax and take in the scene.


We struck up conversations with a few of our fellow travelers, something that we don’t often do. Perhaps it has something to do with the strange times in which we live.


And of course, the location was originally chosen in part for the wonderful views of Barcelona. This is one of the more striking modern buildings visible from the site.


And finally, a hibiscus flower in the gardens. The first snow storm of the season hit at home this past week, dropping nearly a foot of snow. I much prefer the weather in Barcelona.


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2 Responses to Park Guell

  1. sarasinart says:

    What a fascinating place that is. That tile work is so beautiful.

  2. Completely agree – on both counts.

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