The Sky Smiled

We were sitting on the deck, enjoying the lovely weather (and a glass of wine) on our recent trip to Vancouver. I looked up, and noticed a most unusual cloud formation. So of course, I took a picture.


And then, I noticed a faint rainbow…


This was unusual in two ways. First of all, it was very high in the sky – almost straight overhead. And I’d never really thought of it before, but a rainbow always makes an arc, highest in the center and pointing down at both ends. But this was the opposite. The ends pointed upward, making it look like a smile. Rather a lovely omen, don’t you think?

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2 Responses to The Sky Smiled

  1. Ashoosh says:

    Nice photo! It reminds me of the time I saw a rainbow from above (while flying) and it took the shape of a complete oval. I’m sure someone, somewhere understands the physics, but I sure don’t!

  2. Thanks. That would be cool to see a rainbow from above…

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