Alien Landscape

Our Vancouver trip is pretty much over – I’m writing this from the airport waiting for our flight. Over the next few days I want to post a few more pictures from a wonderful visit to a wonderful city. This post will deal with our hike around Lynn Canyon park. The part includes a suspension bridge, similar to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, but free.


Enjoyable, and exhilarating, as that was, it isn’t the main theme of this post. Today I want to focus on the incredible, almost alien, landscape in the park. I’ll start with a picture of a back-lit moss covered tree, with curving branches that almost looked like they were reaching out to you. Jan noted that if this were a Dr. Who episode, you would expect the trees to begin moving toward you.


The trees curved in the most unexpected ways, like this tree that grew at an angle over the path, then suddenly turned straight up. I suppose it is an example of the lengths that plants will go to as they follow the sun.


And then there was this – I really have no idea what to make of it…


Everywhere you looked there were scenes that I can only describe as utterly alien – at least to me.


The uprooted trees looked like a beast stalking us.


But of course, when you looked up it was clear you were in a rain forest.


A forest that had been logged a long time ago.


The life of the current forest was growing from the old forest everywhere you looked.


And when I say “growing from the dead forest” I mean that literally.



And of course, the running water through the canyon.


I love the colour of the water.


I’ll close with a picture showing clearly that even in a rain forest, there is always the danger of fire.


If you have the chance, I highly recommend a walk through Lynn Canyon park. It makes a lovely outing for a sunny day.


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4 Responses to Alien Landscape

  1. That’s really beautiful ! 🙂

  2. Thank you. It is a wonderful place.

  3. sarasinart says:

    They are all gorgeous pictures. That must have been an amazing walk thru there.

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