Almost Cherry Blossom Time

It has been almost two weeks since my last trip to Washington DC. I was able to get out and see some of the usual sights. I never tire of it.


It was late March. The locals were saying it was the coldest it had been all winter. I’ll admit it was a bit raw, but you still had this…


The worst part was the wind – it really was biting. But it also created opportunities.


It was near sunset, and the full moon was just rising. Perfect timing.


By now the Cherry blossoms are no doubt past their prime, but then, with the cold weather, they were still holding back.


Of course, “cold” is a relative thing. This evening when I looked out my front door, I saw this.


Tomorrow it’s off to Vancouver and then to wine country. I can hardly wait.


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1 Response to Almost Cherry Blossom Time

  1. sarasinart says:

    You showed us some great pictures!

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