The bad thing about business travel is that you fly into a city for a one day meeting, and then fly out, without ever having the chance to really see anything of the city.

The good thing about business travel is that if you are very lucky, while you are missing the things that every other visitor to the city will see, you just might see things they will never see. That happened on this trip when the view from the 45th floor of the Comcast building was rather spectacular.




It also provided a different perspective on the fountain in the square below.


Of course, the trip also provided a view of everyday life for the people who live there and take the train everyday.


And unlike many U.S. cities, this one has a reasonable rail system, including a train from downtown to the airport. It presents another opportunity to see the city from a different perspective.


And the city? Well, in this case, if you didn’t already know, the advertisements would give it away.


Hoagies = Philadelphia.

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