Life In A Northern Town

There are many drawbacks to living in a northern town. Take winter. Please. After four months of snow I think that anyone, whether in their right mind or not, should have had more than enough . And forget that “winter sports” schtick. Just how much skiing can one person do?

Now don’t get me wrong, there are advantages. Unfortunately most of them are the same as beating your head against a wall. It feels so amazingly good when you stop.

All of which brings me to the flowers, when they do finally arrive, sometime in July.

IMG_8017 014

IMG_8018 015

IMG_8019 016

Somehow, after all that snow, cold, colds, running noses, frozen toes, and general unpleasantness, the flowers look that much more beautiful.

But don’t wait too long to get out and enjoy it. Winter’s coming soon.

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4 Responses to Life In A Northern Town

  1. Mona says:

    Beautiful flowers……..

  2. Thanks for reblogging.

  3. Glad you enjoyed them. They almost make it worth the wait.

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