Not Quite Jordan

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A while back, one of the bloggers I follow, Middle East Moments, commented that “Jordan does do a good sunset“. She obviously has a knack for understatement. In reality, Jordan does amazing sunsets. My Jordanian sunset posts pretty consistently get more likes that just about anything else I post.

The ability to take a hint has never been one of my strong suits. So I’m not going to post another Jordan sunset. At least not today. Instead, I’ll treat you to a Canadian sunset. This one was taken from my garden this evening. The rather ominous looking clouds fit rather well with the wet weather we’ve been having lately. But at least it was warm today, so I’m not about to complain. No one would listen anyway.

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  1. You have called me out Jim!!! 🙂 “good” really doesn’t begin to describe the sunsets in Jordan does it – lol! It’s nice to enjoy a sunset from your backyard.

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