My last post seemed to get a pretty universal rating of “creepy”, in spite of receiving quite a few “likes” – often from the same people. I’ll take that as confirmation of my initial uncertainty about exactly what to make of the scene. But in any case, today I’ll try to go for something a little less weird – a picture of Bernard, a cuddly teddy bear, in front of the Washington Monument.

For many years I traveled fairly regularly on business. My travel fell squarely in that no mans land between road warriors and normal human beings. When asked how often I traveled, I would typically reply “not too much”. This would get one of two responses. Road warriors would say “that isn’t bad at all”. On the other hand, normal human beings – the ones who can remember their address and their children’s names – would usually look shocked and gasp “you call that ‘not too much'”. I guess it all depends on your perspective. But in any case, I managed to visit quite a few cities over the years. And best of all, it was on an expense account. Along the way I picked up some interesting stories (some would say horror stories) and took a few pictures. From time to time I will share some of each.

But for now I will just say that I’m headed off to Washington D.C. tomorrow for one of the few business trips I’ve taken in the past year. I’ll be taking Bernard with me, and we’ll have to see what kind of trouble he gets into.

Before I go, I’ll leave you with a final thought. Exactly why is it that putting three dolls in front of your house is creepy, but traveling with a teddy bear is cute? Just asking…

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3 Responses to Washington

  1. adeptula says:

    IMO, dolls are creepy and teddy bears are cute.

  2. jmce says:

    That pretty much seems to be the consensus.

  3. RCT says:

    ’cause the dolls are packing chainsaws but Bernard couldn’t get his through airport security…

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