Sheikh Duncan

We had a drink tonight at the British Club in Amman. Ironically, the only hint that we were in the right place was a sign on the street saying “Not Parking for the British Club”. This is one of those things that really makes you stop and think.

We had a good first day in Jordan seeing the usual sights ā€“ the amphitheater, the citadel ā€“ and a trip just outside the city to Wadi Seer and the castle Qasr Iraq El-Amir. We added in a wonderful Falafel Sandwich for lunch and a brief shopping trip at a local souk. Duncan picked up a Keffiyeh and was kind enough to model it for us. Very stylish. Tomorrow it’s off to Umm Qais for another day wandering through the ruins. Fascinating! Well, I think it is anyway…

Jordan 17 Apr 093

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  1. Joan says:

    You look smashing Duncan!!!!

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