The Safe House

I find myself watching the news from the Middle East with more than a little interest these days. Jordan is a wonderful, open, welcoming country with friendly, tolerant people. But we all know that things can change rather quickly at times. I’m not particularly worried, but it makes sense to keep an eye on things. My first visit to Jordan was last fall, right after a certain “very bad” film about the prophet hit the news and there was some concern about possible protests. Out of an abundance of caution, we were advised to spend the weekend at a “safe house”. This is not what you are probably thinking it is. It turns out that luxury hotels often have on-site security and baggage screening, which makes them quite safe. Our weekend “holed up in a safe house” consisted of nights at the Aqaba Intercontinental Hotel, and days touring around the desert in Wadi Rum. Not exactly a hardship by any stretch of the imagination.

I’m not expecting anything similar this trip, but I’m sure I could manage it if I absolutely had to. Here is the view of the Red Sea from my room in the safe house.IMG_3236

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