What A Difference A Day Makes

This is what we saw as we left the house early yesterday.


Last week’s storm deposited another foot and a half of snow, and with the temperature around -20 Celsius that snow is not going anywhere. But a mere ten hours (and 50 degrees Celsius) later, we were enjoying this:




And as if to taunt us, the fig trees were already well on the way to producing this year’s crop.


We’re staying in central Panama City – the old city – which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  I’ll post more on that later, but for today I’m enjoying the heat.

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Ah winter.  What would we do without it?  I’m not sure, but I’d love to find out. Another week; another 18 inches of snow.  And it’s only mid February, so it’s a long time till spring.

Perhaps you think I’m joking?  Here was the view from our upstairs window after this week’s storm.


But at least it’s good for skating.  Our neigbour built a rink in the back yard.


It’s good for hockey, but the snow banks are so high that it’s also great for tobogganing.


… especially if you toboggan right off the top of the shed.


And that is exactly what they did.  Oh to be a kid again.

Why am I telling you this? Because tomorrow we’re off to Panama for a week in the sun.  I’ll try to post some pictures, once I get warm.


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I’m Back

It has been far too long, but hopefully I will be posting more often now that I have (a bit) more time.  To get things rolling, I’ll start with Groundhog Day, something that has always confused me.  If the groundhog sees their shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter – but what does it mean if they don’t see their shadow? Eight more weeks of winter?  It certainly doesn’t mean less than six weeks, at least where I live. But in any case, yesterday there were no shadows, even though we had a large groundhog snowshoeing across the frozen lake.


The groundhog is on the far left, in case you are wondering.

Meanwhile, on my patio, the snow continues to build up.


I can assure you that six weeks from now, it will look pretty much the same. So I’m amusing myself with my new hobby – using my new espresso machine to make lattes.


And at the end of the day…


Life is good…

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It has been too long. I really must try to post more often. I have several pictures I want to post from trips over the past six months, but I’ll start with pictures from the local orchid show. The variety of orchids is simply stunning ,so I’ll let this collection speak for itself.









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There are two things I know about this blog. One, I have not been very active of late. Two, this is not a food and wine blog. And three, no one likes a show-off. So of course, I’m going to try to post frequently over the next week, about wine & food, and brag just a little.

Today was my birthday, so when the last conference call was done, I opened a vintage ale – not my oldest by far, but still lovely.


This was followed by a lovely pancetta, mushroom, and asparagus risotto, compliments of my dear wife.


With a lovely Amarone that has been lurking in my cellar for the better part of two decades.


I’m headed off for a weekend with all of my siblings – the first time in nearly a decade that all five of us have been together. And I cannot remember the last occasion we were all together that didn’t involve a wedding or a funeral…

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A Beautiful Autumn Day

It was a beautiful day in DC today – warm and sunny. Of course, I spent the day indoors, but still…

On my walk back to the hotel I couldn’t resist a few photos with the deep blue of the sky as a backdrop.


A church…


And finally, another random D.C. building…


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Just Another Day…

Other than a fabulous dinner at Rose’s Luxury, my trip to Washington last week was utterly uneventful. Although, I suppose discussing politics at the bar with a couple of English Lit profs from the deep south did have a certain dissonance, but alas, these days dissonance is not in short supply. The next day we were treated to perfect sunshine… and I spent the entire day in a conference room. The fact that I could see just how lovely it was outside didn’t exactly help.

This church was clearly visible from the conference room, so on my walk to the metro I couldn’t resist a picture.


Just look at that sky.

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